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Noel Cockney


Noel is of Inuvialuit descent and was raised in both Tuktoyaktuk and Inuvik. His Mother and her parents taught him how to travel on the land, and how to hunt and fish along the Arctic coast which he still does to this day.

He has a bachelor’s of Science in Outdoor Education, with a minor in Native America Studies at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, USA. There he got to exchange knowledge with the local Annishinabe/Ojibwa tribes, sharing stories, playing traditional games, learning more about the land of the Midwest, and educating people of the Arctic.

After graduating college, he moved to the Rocky Mountain area of the USA to work as an instructor, leading backpacking, rock climbing, and whitewater canoeing courses across the American West, and in the Yukon.

Now, Noel is back home, sharing his culture and knowledge to people visiting. He also spends his time coaching and participating in the northern games and traveling on the land.

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