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Film Support

  • Logistics Support

    For location and cultural consulting to trasportation and cater, we're here to help.

  • Equipment

    Drones, film and video equipment, and gear to keep you warm and help you get around.

  • Production

    Scripting, narration, stock footage, music composition, we've got a network of local resources to assist.

Production Project

True North Calling - CBC mini series

Proper Productions

TRUE NORTH CALLING is a documentary series that follows the lives of several compelling, resourceful Canadians living across the North, showing what it takes to make it and achieve their dreams, in Canada’s toughest terrain.From The Northwest Territories, to the Yukon to Nunavut, we’ll watch as these characters deal with unforgiving terrain, unpredictable weather and unexpected challenges to earn a living and make a life for themselves, their families and in some cases, their communities.  Each of them has to figure out how to combine the traditional knowledge that has kept people alive for millennia in the North with the increasing demands of the modern world.
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Perilous Journeys: Arctic Ice Road

National Geographic

We worked on this episode with National Geographic for 22 days in February, it was -40 most days! To hear more about the crew’s experience working with us, check out the Perilous Journeys Blog

Logistics Support


We flew from London to Edmonton and then on to Yellow Knife, Nowman Wells, and finally in to Inuvik. Our trip was arranged by Up North Tours (now Tundra North Tours), the area’s leading guide company. So, if you fancy seeing some of world’s last untouched wilderness, saying NAAGGAI to MUKTUK getting frozen to death or eaten alive by mosquitoes, you just need to puck up the phone.

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