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Film Services & Support

The Arctic is becoming more and more popular as a film location and it’s no wonder! Tundra North Tours would be more than happy to help out on your Northern film project. With years of experience living and working in the Arctic we are sure to help make your film a great success. We know the area and have essential local knowledge about working in the remote and harsh environment. We are home to some of the most vast, beautiful and virtually untouched landscapes and interesting Indigenous cultures in the world. Inuvik is a very small but vibrant town and it always helps to have a local guide to rely on.

We have experience working with larger crews such as Budweiser‘s commercial for ‘Ice Road Truckers’ and smaller crews like the National Geographic‘s ‘Perilous Journeys’ series crew. We’re also available to work with small independent photographers who require a guide to take them on the land for the unlimited photo opportunities this unique part of the country has to offer.

We are able to take care of everything for you from finding the perfect shoot locations and booking flights and accommodation. Whatever your needs, we will go to great lengths to ensure you leave extremely satisfied with your project!