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Kylik Kisoun Taylor

​Owner / Guide

Kylik is of Inuvialuit, Gwitch’in and Scandinavian descent. He grew up in Ontario hunting, trapping and mushing dogs with his father. In 2003 Kylik made a permanent move to Inuvik where he felt a deep connection to his Inuvialuit and Gwich’in roots, his family, the land and his culture.
His uncles, Gerry Kisoun and Dennis Allen, as well as his Daduk (grandfather) Victor Allen, constantly took Kylik out in the bush where he learned the way of the land. They taught him the stories of his people and important cultural traditions and knowledge. Gerry helped him get his first caribou, Dennis taught him to build a bush camp and his Daduk Victor told him the old stories. With the help of his family, Kylik was able to become rooted in his culture and acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be out on the land on his own.

In 2006 Kylik started Up North Tours (now operating as Tundra North Tours)with the dream of being able to share his love of the Arctic and all it has to offer with visitors from around the world. As a bonus he now spends a large portion of his time out on the land he loves so much!

Kylik is a father, bush man, amateur boxer, and entrepreneur. Come join him on a trip of a life time!

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