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Sherry Ott - April 2017

I did the winter tour with Tundra North during the Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik. It was such a great time to see how the town all celebrated the arrival of spring with traditional drum and dance as well as a giant feast of traditional foods. We also drove up the ice road, a personal favorite of mine, and spent a day enjoying Tuktoyaktuk. And we were able to see the reindeer crossing. Kylik and his team of guides built igloos for us to stay in – it was really incredible to see them working so hard to provide this really unique experience. Sleeping in an igloo overnight was definitely a first for me! They consistently went one step beyond what they needed to in order to get us closer to the culture. We even took snow mobiles out to see the herd of reindeer – something few people ever get to do. I also really enjoyed all of the stories Gerry shared with us to give us a deeper understanding of the area, culture, and history. This truly is a special place and Tundra North’s love of the region showed in everything they did.