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Ice Road Adventure Package

Experience the magic of the North during the Winter and Spring. Immerse yourself in authentic northern and Inuit Culture with your local guide. Aurora viewing, overnight in an Igloo, Ice Road, walk on the frozen Arctic Ocean and much more!!!

from $2380 - $3650

  • Winter
  • Multi-Day Packages
  • Adventure / Challenging
  • Family Friendly / Easy

In this Authentic Arctic Experience you have the opportunity to immerse yourself deep into the Arctic Culture. Find yourself cuddling up to the warmth of a fire while you gaze upon the dancing Aurora Borealis. Surrounded by illuminated Igloos, Ice Inuksuks, and towering Gwich’in Influenced Teepees, you will sip on warm traditional tea that will relax and warm the body throughout the night.

Experience the Vastness of the Arctic Tundra as you drive along the brand new Mackenzie Valley as you reach the top of the world, and the Arctic Ocean. Try traditional food and much more in this world class experience exclusive to this remote region of the world.

Add on tours are available as well as add on nights if you’d like to extend your time in our part of the world!

Optional departure from Edmonton, add on’s for extended visits or additional tours is available when booking!

3 days

Upcoming Dates

  • Upon Request

Tour/Package Includes

  • Travel by Car Ice Road Tour and Mackenzie Highway Tour

  • Shuttle all shuttles required to and from airport and tours.

  • Accommodations 2 nights, one at our Aurora Igloo Village and a hotel in Inuvik, or B&B in Tuktoyaktuk

  • Travel by Air If chosen from booking

More Information

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  • What to bring
  • Cancelation Policy
  • DAY 1

    Arrive in Inuvik By Air from your departing city and be greeted at the airport by your Tundra North Tours staff member. Once greeted you will start on your first tour, the Aklavik Ice Road Tour. Experience the crystal blue ice road, and the vastness of the frozen Mackenzie Delta as your reach the remote town of Aklavik. Aklavik is a small peaceful trapping and fishing community of 600 located in the Mackenzie Delta. Gwich’in and Inuvialuit have traditionally gathered here to trade for goods from as far away as the Pacific and Arctic coasts. Despite the small size, Aklavik is rich in History, and you will learn get to experience it all during your guided town tour.

    After your town tour you will be brought back down the Iconic Aklavik Ice Road until you reach our exclusive Aurora Viewing area. Here you will be surrounded by Igloos’, illuminated Ice Inuksuks’, Ice Sculptures, and Towering traditional teepees’. It is hear where you will call home, as you bring your stuff into your warm, personal Igloo to call home for the evening. After, you shall hear traditional stories around a camp fire, try traditional food and tea. The only thing left is to wait for the aww-inspiring dance of the Aurora Borealis to take over your vision deep into the Arctic Sky.

    Meals for the day include a bag lunch on the road, and cultural dinner and our Igloo Village.

    DAY 2

    On this day you depart down the Aklavik Ice road until you reach the brand new Mackenzie Highway. At the end of this truly beautiful drive you will reach Tuktoyaktuk. Tuktoyaktuk is located on the Arctic coastline and home to many attractions such as the second largest Pingo in the world, the Trans Canada Trail, and rich Aboriginal history.  Here you will have a town tour, to see all the local monuments. After your town tour you will check into your B&B for the evening. It is here you will experience your personal cultural dinner with local elders of the community.

    After the dinner get yourself ready for another night of Aurora Viewing alongside a warm fire and warm beverages. The only difference this time is that you will be viewing from on top of the frozen Arctic Ocean!

    All meals are covered for the day.


    DAY 3

    After a breakfast at your local B&B, we will depart back down the Mackenzie Valley Highway back to the Inuvik Airport for your departing flight.

    Optional extension:
    Join us at the Okpik Arctic Village for an additional night in a cabin or tipi and experience another full day at the Village including traditional trapping, stories, food, igloo building, learn about dog sledding (1,100 $/person).

    Do you want to do all this AND experience herding 3000+ reindeer by Snowmobile? Look at our Arctic Reindeer Signature Package here:

    Additional nights and tours are available as add ons including Flights from Edmonton and Calgary.

  • Flights

    Return flights from Yellowknife or Vancouver to Inuvik, Northwest Territories.


    1 Night in a traditional Igloo with a heater, furs, and sleeping bags rated for -50.

    1 Night in local Bed and Breakfast in the Coastal Community of Tuktoyaktuk


    Aklavik Ice Road Tour

    Aurora Viewing Experience

    Mackenzie Valley Highway and Tuktoyaktuk Tour

    • Winter Clothing
    • Camera
    • Thermos
    • Gloves
    • Touque
    • Thick wool socks
  • As most our costs are incurred long before the actual trip, rental or tour takes place, we are bound to the following cancellation fees:

    • 90 Days before tour start: Full refund
    • 90 – 61 days before tour start: 75% refund
    • 60 – 30 days before tour start: 50% refund
    • 30 or fewer days before tour start: No refund possible

    Exceptions to this cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including, terrorism, civil unrest or personal emergencies. If unforeseen circumstances require a change in itinerary, we will make every effort to work out an alternative solution. If for any reason we cannot start the tour, due to circumstances, including but not limited, to severe weather, mechanical breakdown or road closures, you will receive a full refund.

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