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Proudly sharing

Authentic Arctic Experiences 

in Canada’s North

Proudly sharing

Authentic Arctic Experiences 

in Canada’s North


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Explore Canada's Arctic

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Visitor's Stories

  • “This tour is a great way to experience the immensity on Canada’s north and meet the people who make northern Canada their home. The boat was manned by a northerner who told as the stories about his upbringing, how his mother walked miles on the snow to deliver him, how his grandfather thought him how to catch rabbits, and how he is passing this knowledge to his children. A great experience. Good for the whole family.” – Trip Advisor

    Carlos C, August 2016 | Mackenzie Delta Boat Tour

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Tundra North Tours was established with the dream of being able to share our love of the Arctic and all it has to offer with visitors from around the world. We aim to please and make it our business for you to leave Canada's Arctic having had an experience of a lifetime!

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