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Kylik Kisoun- Filming of "True North Calling"

Father Kylik holding autistic daughter in Inuvik I consider myself blessed to have the life that I live. I am one of the lucky ones that get’s to say that I am living my dream. My work is fulfilling even more so now that I have this incredible opportunity to share my home with the world.

After watching the first episode of CBC Docs newest series, True North Calling, I felt an overwhelming sense of respect and admiration for Franco and for what he is doing for his community. As I watched the show I could not help but see the similarities in our communities, it was so inspiring to watch him rise above and do his part to make a difference. I hope to meet him soon so that I can congratulate him for what he is doing for his culture and community. I also look forward to watching his progress as the show continues.

“I am one of the lucky ones that get’s to say that I am living my dream”

I am incredibly lucky that I get to call the North home and look forward to the day when my family and I can move back for good. Franco stated that, “the life that I like to live can only be lived up here” – I couldn’t have said it better. Everything happens for a reason and the struggles my family and I are facing are only making us stronger and are motivating us to share our story with others as I believe that this is a powerful way to create change. We know we are not the only ones in the same situation and I am so blessed to have the support we have from our family, our friends and from our community.

“Everything Happens for a reason and the struggles my family and I are facing are only making us stronger.” 

I will be completely honest with you all- when the show first jumped into production; I was very hesitant to discuss my personal life. I didn’t see how it would help, and I didn’t want to make it seem as if I was complaining about my life. My life is fantastic and I love my family, friends and community. But I won’t hide the truth. My life definitely isn’t easy.

Father Kylik with autistic daughter on his shoulders in Inuvik, Canada


The first episode was difficult to watch, as it was a powerful reminder of the struggles that my family and I are going through. I am constantly working to provide for my family, and because of that, I haven’t had much time to reflect and have been repressing my anxiety. I adore my family and I want what’s best for them so I continue to push forward or as my uncle Gerry says “Keep Plugging Away” – this line always motivates me to do just that and work harder.

I hope this show will shed much needed light on the current living situation in Canada’s Arctic but also share the raw power and beauty that the North possesses, and that there are people like Franco, myself and our families and friends who are doing positive things to create the needed change in our Northern communities.

The support from the TV show and from the community has been overwhelming. I thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement and a special thanks to everyone that has supported my family and Tundra North Tours. It has been one hell of a roller coaster but we will “Keep Plugging Away”.


– Kylik Kisoun Taylor

Kylik Herding Reindeer


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