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The Best Camping Spots in the Northwest Territories

Camping in the Northwest Territories is like no where else in the world. You will be sharing the land with the magical beasts that make it their home. You will sleep underneath the mysterious wonders of the night sky. You will wake up to the glorious sun streaming through the mountain passes, over never ending horizons and crystal clear waters. It is something that you can experience no where else. 

Man standing on his cheap underneath the beauty of the Aurora Borealis in the Northwest Territorries

A look at some of the Best camping Spots in the Northwest Territories… 


The Dempster Highway in the Northwest Territorries in the SummerThe Dempster Highway is a 737.5 km stretch of dirt road that bodes beautiful views of the Richardson and Oglivie mountain range. 

The highway joins with the klondike highway right outside of Dawson City. You can take the highway all the way up to the town of Inuvik, in the Mackenzie Delta- and here’s some good news- They are finally continuing the highway so that you can soon drive up all the way to Canada’s Northern Most settlement, Tuktoyaktuk that borders the Arctic Ocean!

Along this highway there are countless hiking trails and camping grounds to choose from. 

Here are a few stops that we suggest! 

Eagle Plains 

Sunset over the eagle plains in the arctic tundra, behind a golden piece of grassEagle Plains sits on an beautiful expansive area of rolling hills in the Yukon in between the Ogilvie and Richardson Mountain ranges that bodes beautiful views of the arctic tundra. It sits in between Dawson City and Inuvik and is the only stop for Gas and other services until you hit Inuvik! There is a motel and camping grounds. Their amenities are great, especially if you’re new to camping, with great washrooms, showers and even a restaurant!

There, you will sleep under countless stars and wake up to the most beautiful sunrise coming over mountains. It is truly a spectacular sight that I promise you, will take your breath away. There is also something to be said about the Aurora Borealis, at the right time of year, the Eagle Plains is the perfect spot for viewing the mysterious northern lights.

Tombstone Territorial Park


Tombstone Territorial park bodes beautiful views of the Blackstone Uplands and Ogilvie Mountains. There are several campsites to choose from, such as Grizzly, Divide and Talus lake backcountry campsites. Each backcountry campground offers tent pads, outhouses and a small cooking platforms. There are 10 tent pads at each of the three lakes.

There are several hikes to choose from around this area, and we recommend spending a few days adventuring around this gorgeous park.

One of the great and super accessible hikes to do in Tombstone Territorial Park is the Goldensides hike. (Tip: During the summer, there are ranger led hikes most evenings. Check the schedule at the Interpretative Centre.)

The hike itself is only 3.4 kilometres round-trip – the perfect length for a leisurely hike. It climbs a total of 210 metres and can be done in about 90 minutes. I suggest taking your time, as this hiking trail is made of loose rocks and shale and can be a bit tricky! If it’s a nice day, take your camera! So that you can snap some pics like the one above!

Gwich’in Territorial Campground

StockSnap_AHQJVQP4H3“Enjoy the spectacular shoreline of Campbell Lake, try your luck fishing, hike in search of unique rocks and fossils, or hit the beach for a swim above the Arctic Circle. There are just a few of the options available at Gwich’in Territorial Campground, about 30 kilometres south of Inuvik on the Dempster Highway. The campground includes 15 non-powered campsites and four tent sites, washrooms, drinking water, a kitchen shelter and a boat launch.” (



“The Town of Inuvik is unlike anything you have Igloo church in Inuvik
ever experienced before. Witness the Land of the Midnight Sun and the mesmerizing lights of the Aurora Borealis. Located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, in the beautiful and vast Mackenzie Delta, Inuvik prides itself on being authentic, accessible and amazing. But we will let you be the judge. Whether you are looking to cross an item off your arctic bucket list, host an unparalleled business meeting, or become a member of our colourful community, the Town of Inuvik is ready to welcome you to the Western Arctic and all that it has to offer.” (


“Located in the heart of Inuvik, this park offers 19 powered and 8 non-powered sites, and convenient access to the town’s attractions. The park is situated on a bluff overlooking the east branch of the Mackenzie River, and offers a view of the Richardson Mountains.” (



“Just outside Inuvik, this park features an observation tower that offers excellent views of the surrounding scenery and prime bird watching. Watch for falcons, eagles and ducks, our summer residents. There is an abundance of cranberries, blueberries and cloudberries that give the park its name.” (




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