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9 things to do in the North this Winter

Experience the vast and stark beauty of Canada’s North!

These following 9 activities will surely give you unforgettable memories of your time in the North West Territories!

1. Go to the Inuvik Sunrise Festival

The Last Sunset of 2016 was on December 4th! Inuvik is in complete darkness until January 6th! The entire community of Inuvik comes out to celebrate the return of the sun at the annual Sunrise Festival! Enjoy hot chocolate, fireworks, igloos, and so much more!


2. Go Sky Gazing

auroraOne thing the north is known for and revered for is the northern lights.These magical light shows can be seen just about every night in the winter! Shocking greens, heavenly purples and soft yellows.


3. Go Snowmobiling

What’s the best way to see the epic views of the Dempster highway and of the Mackenzie Delta then via snowmobiling! It’s a pretty epic experience… and gets you there much faster then you would walking around in snowshoes!



4. Go Snowshoeing

Feel like a quiet adventure without the noise of a snowmobile? Adventure around in the snowy landscapes on foot! Snowshoeing is hard work but definitely worth the effort. It’s like another world out here!




5. Go Herd 3000+ Reindeer

It’s true; Santa’s helpers do exist! This coming winter/spring they migrate through the Mackenzie delta to their summer breeding grounds! Jump on a snowmobile and ride along with the herd. It’s an epic experience that few can say they’ve had!


6. Go Dog Sledding

Go old school. Instead of jumping on a snowmobile, travel around the north the traditional way! By Dog Sledding! Get lessons and take a tour with one of the many guiding companies in the NWT.


 7. Go drive the new all-year round highway to Tuktoyaktuk

As of November 15th, drive the new all-year round highway to Tuktoyaktuk! The new road stretches 140 kilometres from our town of Inuvik to the dynamic Inuvialuit community of Tuktoyaktuk on the wild Arctic coast. Go tick-off that bucket list item- dip your toes in the Arctic ocean! 


8. Go Winter Camping

Seems weird right? However, there’s nothing quite as epic as sleeping in a snow bank with the aurora borealis as your night-light. Bring warm socks and an even warmer sleeping bag!




9. Go Ice Fishing

Like fishing? Try your hand at ice fishing! It’s a pretty interesting and very northern experience to say the least!



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