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“This tour is a great way to experience the immensity on Canada’s north and meet the people who make northern Canada their home. The boat was manned by a northerner who told as the stories about his upbringing, how his mother walked miles on the snow to deliver him, how his grandfather thought him how to catch rabbits, and how he is passing this knowledge to his children. A great experience. Good for the whole family.” – Trip Advisor

Carlos C, August 2016 | Mackenzie Delta Boat Tour View Tour

“On day 1 we flew in a single engine plane to Tuk. The pilot was helpful and we got good views of the land and pingos. We were met by the local guide, John, and given a tour of the town, ending up at his house where we had a taste of whale meat and a dip in the ocean. Because there were only two of us for the tour it wasn’t feasible to return by boat so the company flew us back and then arranged for Gerry to take us out on the McKenzie Delta for an evening cruise. Gerry was most informative and his sharp eyes spotted wildlife long before we did – moose and beaver as well as various birds. It was a relaxing end to the day and we got a feel of the vastness of the water network of the McKenzie.

The following day we did the Dempster Highway tour with him. Fortunately Gerry got us to buy some lunch before leaving town since he wasn’t sure any place would be open. It was a long day and we were pleased not to have to drive so we could concentrate on the scenery. We saw wolverine and fox. When we reached Fort McPherson the cultural centre was open acting as a day care for the school holidays. The children had finished lunch and we were invited to share their food. Gerry is very knowledgeable and his love and respect for the people and way of life shone through everything he talked about. We visited his local family members and walked around a fishing camp sampling various smoked fish. We can’t thank him enough for his generosity of spirit in sharing his life with us.

The third day we flew to Herschel Island for an explore of this research station. We carried our own lunches with us. We liked the ramshackled layout of the buildings, hearing the history of the place and going on a short walk with a ranger. A family with some young children were also on this trip and they seemed to enjoy the experience as much as we did. We had an interesting take off from the island which highlighted the skill of the pilot and general northern resourcefulness. We were fortunate that our whole stay in Inuvik was in sunny weather. Yes the cost is high but this is northern Canada and I think the unique experience makes the price reasonable.

The people we encountered were all eager to share their knowledge and made the trip memorable for us. One thing the tour company could do to improve is to let people know if they should be packing food for lunches and snacks – or provide some in the transport.” – Trip Advisor

Patrick H, July 2016 | Private: Dempster Highway Tour View Tour

“The view while flying takes you over some one of a kind spectacular scenery. In Tuk we had a local knowledgable guide who lives at the “beach”. You can get a certificate for dipping your toes in the ocean or be like me and take it all off to frolic in the Arctic Ocean. I would highly recommend a tour to Tuk if you make it this far. The guys that run this company are great.”

Tracy W, June 2016 | Tuktoyaktuk Flight Tour View Tour

I did the winter tour with Tundra North during the Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik. It was such a great time to see how the town all celebrated the arrival of spring with traditional drum and dance as well as a giant feast of traditional foods. We also drove up the ice road, a personal favorite of mine, and spent a day enjoying Tuktoyaktuk. And we were able to see the reindeer crossing. Kylik and his team of guides built igloos for us to stay in – it was really incredible to see them working so hard to provide this really unique experience. Sleeping in an igloo overnight was definitely a first for me! They consistently went one step beyond what they needed to in order to get us closer to the culture. We even took snow mobiles out to see the herd of reindeer – something few people ever get to do. I also really enjoyed all of the stories Gerry shared with us to give us a deeper understanding of the area, culture, and history. This truly is a special place and Tundra North’s love of the region showed in everything they did.


Sherry Ott – April 2017 | Private: Canadian Arctic Reindeer Signature Package


Tundra North was able to provide THE absolute highlight of a holiday we recently took across 3 countries in 3 weeks. We wanted to see a reindeer herd and spend time with the local Inuvik people during one of the coldest times of the year. Tundra North met our specific and challenging holiday requirements….Gerry our guide was generous in every way…sharing his local and cultural knowledge with us so freely and eloquently. The reindeer herd was an incredible sight as were the northern lights display we saw from the back of our skidoo’s on our way home! Thankfully we were also able to hire good quality cold weather gear. We felt like we really got off the tourist route here and mixed with the locals, exactly what we wanted. Thx to tundra North!

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