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Tuktoyaktuk Whale Camp Package

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Experience boating threw the Mackenzie Delta to our traditional Whaling Camp where you will experience Inuit Culture and way of life. Stop in the delta at our TIPI Camp and learn about the plants, wildlife and cultures that call the Delta Home as well and visit our Ice House. Stop at the sandy hills for a hike up into the tundra where the tree line ends. Enjoy a Traditional meal with your local host and hear stories from the land, over night on the Arctic Ocean under the midnight sun. Boat across the Arctic Ocean to Tuktoyaktuk were you will tour the town before driving on the new Mackenzie Vally Highway back to Inuvik.

Two Days

Upcoming Dates

  • June 15th-September 15th Sunday and Mondays
  • Other dates available by request

Tour/Package Includes

  • Meals Day One, Bagged Lunch and Cultural Dinner Day Two Breakfast and Bagged Lunch

  • Travel by Sea Boat tour threw Mackenzie Delta and Arctic Ocean

  • Accommodations Over Night in wall tent at Whale Camp.

  • Travel by Car Driving tour on new Mackenzie Valley Highway

  • Visti Tipi Camp for Icehouse Tour

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