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Arctic Explorer Education Package

During this thrilling 9-day, multi-territory educational tour you will experience everything that the Arctic has to offer!

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Here your students will be able to have a mix of hotel stay and camping in two territories across northern Canada. See Whitehorse, Yukons capital with an educational tour of the area. See the Historic town of Dawson City and learn about the rich gold mining history that created it. Camp in Tombstone National Park, one of the most visually beautiful places in the world. Drive the famous Dempster Highway, Camp at a traditional Inuit whaling camp along the Arctic Ocean, see the most northern town in the Western Arctic, and immerse yourself in the inuit and Gwich’in Culture.

This package give students an in depth look at northern culture, while learning the rich history that comes with it in addition to taking in some of the most beautiful and remote landscapes in the world!

9 days

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  • Travel by Car

  • Accommodations Hotels and Camping

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  • Day 1

    You will arrive at Whitehorse Airport where you will be greeted by your Inuvialuit guide and driven to your hotel room to check-in and leave your luggage.

    From here you will travel to Miles Canyon, a massive canyon based just out of Whitehorse where you will explore and learn about this unique site before you are taken to the renowned Beringia Museum in Whitehorse. Here you will learn about the rich history of Beringia and the ‘land bridge’ that used to connect North America and Siberia.

    After this most interesting museum tour, you will head out to enjoy a dinner in downtown Whitehorse before being taken to settle into your hotel for the evening.

    Day 2

    Wake up and enjoy a hearty breakfast and hot coffee or tea.

    After breakfast we will be departing on our drive to Dawson City, and upon arrival to this historical town the group will enjoy lunch before going on an exciting town tour.

    Get your imagination ready and your camera handy as we travel back into the days of the Gold Rush, where this city was once booming with ‘claims’, with riches, with hopefuls as it was a new land of opportunity! Walk the old boardwalk streets along the saloon-style buildings and architecture, which play such a huge part in what this famed-era is now remembered for. See the oldest casino in Canada, and take a photo at the bar that held the first liquor license in Canada. Both watering holes call Dawson City home! We’ll enjoy a dinner and then free time to explore the city before we call it a night.

    Day 3

    Get ready for camping! This morning after lunch, the group will depart for Tombstone National park. During this exciting excursion into the wild, the group will experience towering mountain formations, and all the pristine wildlife that comes with stunning park’s surroundings! We will also go for a light hike as views along the way are breathtaking must-sees! Make sure to bring your camera as there is much unique wildlife in the area to see! After an adventure-filled afternoon, we will close out the day with dinner and enjoy time around a crackling campfire!

    Day 4

    Wake up to the fresh morning air in Tombstone National Park. Enjoy your hearty breakfast and hot coffee, because it’s time to continue on to the next camp!

    During this exciting day, you will be leaving the towering mountains and forested areas, and venturing into the majesty of the rolling

    hills in the Arctic Tundra. Tonight you will be camping in the Richardson Mountains just off the Dempster Highway. This is another thrilling opportunity to

    view an unparalleled variety of wildlife such as grizzly bears, black bears, caribou, the arctic hare, red foxes, dull sheep, and birds of all kinds. The Arctic Tundra is one of the most unique landscapes on the planet, and with it comes wildlife just as unique and exciting! Keep your camera handy for these memories will last a lifetime!

    Day 5

    Greet another fresh-air morning with your breakfast and hot coffee. After morning breakfast the group will pack up and venture up the Dempster Highway, as we cross over the Northwest Territories and Yukon Border to our destination, Inuvik! Here you will be taken to your hotel to drop off your belongings before heading off to see the largest and most northern greenhouse in the world. You will then experience a cultural dinner where you will receive the opportunity to try local Inuvialuit cuisine, to see historical artifacts from throughout the Mackenzie Delta, and to try on traditional clothing. During this exciting dinner and evening you will hear stories from your local Inuvialuit guide, and will learn more about both the history and the current ways of life for Inuvialuit people who have lived here for generations.

    After dinner you taken back to your hotel for the evening.

    Day 6

    Wake up, enjoy a hearty breakfast and get ready to experience an exciting, full day in the town of Inuvik!

    Here your time will be filled with cultural workshops, town tours, a sled-dog kennel tour, and you’ll have some free time to explore the town and the rich culture and history behind it. You will be staying at the same hotel room this evening.

    Day 7

    Wake up and enjoy your breakfast because today is going to be busy and exciting! You will be picked up at your hotel after breakfast and taken to the airport where you will be departing for your flight to Tuktoyaktuk. This is an extraordinary sight-seeing tour, where you will get to fly low with good visibility as you soar over Inuvik, the Arctic Tundra, and make your way to the Arctic Coastline to arrive in Tuktoyaktuk where you will be greeted by your local Inuvialuit guide!

    From here you will be taken on a 2-hour town tour where you will learn about the rich history of this small coastal village, which includes visiting a traditional sod house. After learning about the past, you’ll learn about a huge part of current Canadian history- the new Tuktoyaktuk highway to connect every coast in Canada!

    After your exciting town tour you will be taken to the harbor where you’ll then board your boat for what will be a close to 45-minute boat ride on the Arctic Ocean! Your destination will be the traditional – and still-active -Inuvialuit whaling camp, where you’ll be greeted by an Elder who will teach you about the history of the whaling camp, and the harvesting of fish and beluga whales. You will also learn to play traditional Inuvialuit games.

    This exciting cultural area is where the group will set up tents and camp for the evening. Sharing an evening under the sky in this unique and wondrous location, right along the Arctic Ocean!

    Day 8

    Wake up to fresh Arctic Ocean air and enjoy your hearty warm breakfast. The group will then pack up our gear as we get back onto the boat for an epic ride down

    the second largest delta in the world, the famed ‘Mackenzie Delta’, as we head towards Inuvik. This majestic boat tour will take about 5 hours as we traverse the snake-like channels filled with wildlife and breathtaking arctic landscape. Another surreal day of sights and scenery and once we arrive in Inuvik, you will be taken to your hotel where you may enjoy free time for the rest of the evening.

    Day 9

    On this day we will pick you up around early afternoon -depending on your flight time- and shuttle you to the Inuvik Airport where you will catch your departing flight.

    Though it’s time to say goodbye to your guides, board the plane and climb into the sky, just remember: You may be leaving the Arctic, but after this trip, the Arctic will never leave you!

  • This Package is upon request from educational institutions.

  • As the Arctic weather can change quite rapidly, we always suggest you bring clothing for all weather. Temperatures can sink to 0C and get as high at 35C in the summer. Make sure to bring water bottle, Bug spray, shows with good tread, and don’t forget your camera!

  • This package inculdes:

    • Visiting the famous Beringia Museum in Whitehorse
    • Visiting the historic town of Dawson City
    • Camping in Tombstone National Park
    • Camping in the Arctic Tundra
    • Cultural dinners and tours with local Inuvialuit Elders and Guides.
    • Camping at a traditional whaling camp along the Arctic Ocean
    • Visiting the Northern-most town on mainland Canada, Tuktoyaktuk.
    • Visiting the World Famous Pingo Landmasses in Tuktoyaktuk
    • Flight tours above the Arctic
    • Learning about the many aspects of the Inuvialuit culture and way of life in the High Arct
  • As most our costs are incurred long before the actual trip, rental or tour takes place, we are bound to the following cancellation fees:

    • 90 Days before tour start: Full refund
    • 90 – 61 days before tour start: 75% refund
    • 60 – 30 days before tour start: 50% refund
    • 30 or fewer days before tour start: No refund possible

    Exceptions to this cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including, terrorism, civil unrest or personal emergencies. If unforeseen circumstances require a change in itinerary, we will make every effort to work out an alternative solution. If for any reason we cannot start the tour, due to circumstances, including but not limited, to severe weather, mechanical breakdown or road closures, you will receive a full refund.

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