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Go North for True Inuit Culture
in Okpik Arctic Village

Experience Canada North of the Arctic Circle: Immerse yourself in Inuit and Indigenous culture at Okpik Arctic Village


What is Okpik Arctic Village?

Now open, Okpik Arctic Village is the brainchild of Tundra North Tours’ Inuit entrepreneur, Kylik Kisoun Taylor. He is working to create a sustainable community in one of the most inspiring places in North America—the middle of Canada’s stunning Mackenzie River Delta. 

Only 20 minutes by boat from Inuvik, on an island in the Mackenzie River, local Inuit and friends forage and harvest food, build homes and take great pride involving guests in a rewarding exchange. Besides immersion in the Village, guests may experience Northern Lights, the road to Tuktoyaktuk, the town of Inuvik and the northern landscape on the Beaufort Sea and Mackenzie River.


What are the Okpik Arctic Village experiences like

Okpik Arctic Village has one ortwo night summer and winter experiences at Okpik Arctic Village 16 km north of Inuvik, and welcomes day visitors as well.

Okpik Arctic Village is an intentional community, where traditional values and practices blend with today’s technology to create a sustainable place. A fully functioning farm, fishery, sawmill and foraging ways provide employment for locals, who share their cultural way of life with visitors. Experience this cultural revival in a natural place enhanced with such things as living willow portals to welcome guests.

Get involved as much as you like:

  • Forage for berries, fish, and help prep the bounty
  • Learn about hide tanning and trapping
  • Taste food from the land such as tuktu (caribou), mipku (dry meat), pipsi (dry fish), maktaq (beluga), fresh fish, local berries, moose, duck, and bannock
  • Hear stories told by local elders about their experiences on the land
  • In summer, sleep in a tipi, cabin or wall tent, paddle nearthe village, experience 24 hour sunlight
  • In winter, sleep in a cozy igloo, learn how to build one, and experience 24 hour darkness and northern lights
Ice Igloo

See which experience is best for you.


What Our Guests Are Saying

“. . . a great way to experience the immensity of Canada’s north and meet the people who make northern Canada their home. A northerner told usstories about his upbringing, how his mother walked miles on the snow to deliver him, how his grandfather taught him how to catch rabbits, and how he is passing this knowledge to his children. A great experience. Good for the whole family.”
Carlos C.
Trip Advisor
"I did the winter tour with Tundra North Tours during the Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik. It wassuch a great time to see how the town all celebrated the arrival ofspring with traditional drum and dance as well as a giant feast of traditional foods. Kylik and histeam of guides built igloosfor usto stay in – it wasreally incredible to see them working so hard to provide thisreally unique experience. Sleeping in an igloo overnight was definitely a first for me! They consistently went one step beyond what they needed to in order to get us closer to the culture. I really enjoyed the storiesthat gave us a deeper understanding of the culture and history. Thistruly is a special place!”
Sherry Ott

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Okpik Arctic Village is part of Tundra North Tours, an Inuit company based in Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada. Our mission is to provide visitors from all overthe world with an authentic and immersive experience of the unique
atmosphere and culture of our home in Canada’s North.

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