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The Experience of a Lifetime

We were laying in our hotel bed in Whitehorse and contemplating the next day. Our flight to Inuvik in the North West Territories was the following morning. It was the most north either one of us had ever been, we weren’t sure what to expect. But boy were we ever thrilled by our experience.


I had been working for Tundra North Tours as their Social Media Manager for a few months and had been posting stunning photos of epic landscapes, untamable wildlife, and exciting adventures. But I had been doing so from the comfort of my cushy two bedroom flat in Victoria, B.C. I had an idea of what I was flying into, but nothing prepared me for the vast beauty of the Arctic Tundra. My friend, Alex, the photographer of the trip who documented our epic journey, laughed at me as we were flying over the Mackenzie Delta, and for good reason too. I had my face plastered to the little plane window. But who wouldn’t? Especially when you’re flying over the Mackenzie Delta with its 30,000 lakes underneath you in what seems like a completely different world. The sight literally took my breath away. It’s needless to say that the trip was off to a good start.


We arrived in Inuvik in the smallest airport I had ever seen, with the other five passengers of the flight. We were picked up by Shae, the vice president of Tundra North Tours, and driven around the quaint town of Inuvik. With its one main street, its one family run coffee shop, and of course the Mad Trapper, the one and only bar in town where you will meet the most interesting characters in town and hear the best local stories while sipping on a nice cold beer.

Our tour didn’t start for a few days so we were able to really explore Inuvik. But our Ultimate Arctic Experience package really was fantastic. We spent a morning and the better part of an afternoon exploring the winding creeks and channels of the Mackenzie Delta. Our guide, Kylik Kisoun, also the CEO of Tundra North Tours, knew the way around the labyrinth of water ways by heart, I don’t doubt that he could have cruised through it with his eyes closed.


The rest of our wonderful tour consisted of driving through 1220km of never ending horizons and mountain ranges. It was the most beautiful road trip I have ever taken. The fall colours were in full bloom. Shocking reds, magical gold, and bright yellows. We had a fantastic time on the road with Kylik and the other passengers. Kylik was animated and passionate. He had the most incredible stories to tell and kept his audience captivated from start until finish.

This wonderful week long trip hardened my resolve about this company. After experiencing it first hand I am proud to be a part of this company and I would recommend the trip to anyone who is looking to explore this unique landscape with wonderfully passionate and knowledgeable local guides.


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