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Canadian Arctic Reindeer Signature Package

Learn and experience the Northern way of life while surrounding yourself in the stark beauty of the Arctic tundra. Visit a herd of 3000 reindeer and Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean.

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In this 4-day Arctic adventure you will experience the Arctic with locals as you live and learn the mysteries of the Northern ways of life. For two days you will travel on your very own snowmobile alongside the reindeer herders who have crossed this terrain year after year, generation after generation, venturing into the icy-blue horizon lines, herding thousands of reindeer who must be hurried across the Arctic tundra to their spring calving grounds.

Night falls and the brightness of the Arctic sun gives way, as you complete the new Mackenzie Valley Highway to Tuktoyaktuk, to a cozy evening as you bundle into the warmth of the local B&B on the Arctic Ocean. Enjoy local cuisine and cultural activities shared by your Inuvialuit host as part of this authentic Arctic experience. The mystery continues as the potential for viewing the magnificence of the Aurora Borealis beckons your head skyward, your breath dancing in the cold air against the night.

Daytime adventures kick into gear when you drive back to Inuvik, and then continue on to the famed Aklavik Ice Road. Experience a truly unique experience of travelling on such an incredible feat of Arctic transportation-innovation!


4 days

Upcoming Dates

  • New Years/Sunrise Festival Dec 31st-Jan 6th
  • Sunrise Festival Jan 4th-Jan 9th
  • Every Thursday Starting Jan 10th to April 11th 2019
  • Please contact us for custom dates.
  • 2020 Every Thursday Starting Jan 9th-April 9th

Tour/Package Includes

  • Travel by Car All meals while on your tours and while staying at the lodge.*

  • A full-day reindeer-herding experience

  • Accommodations One night at The Mackenzie Hotel and Reindeer Lodge Stay

  • Meals All meals while on your tours and while staying at the lodge.*

  • Shuttle Airport shuttles

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  • Day 1

     Meals: Lunch

    Fly into Inuvik where your guide will greet you for an adventure down the iconic Aklavik Ice Road! During this journey you will have a local guide educate you on Aklavik, the history of the Ice Road, and the people in which call this area home! Once arrived in Aklavik you will have a Cultural town tour with your local guide, and have the potential to meet a local elder of Aklavik. Once the town tour is finished and you have said goodbye to Aklavik, you will return back down the Ice Road to Inuvik where you will spend the rest of your evening, at the Mackenzie Hotel. Make sure to get some rest because tomorrow will be another incredible day!

    Day 2

    Meals: Bagged lunch and Cultural Dinner

    Enjoy a hearty breakfast at the Mackenzie Hotel before being picked up and taken down the brand new Mackenzie Valley Highway to Tuktoyaktuk. Once you have travelled down the newly constructed highway, you will stop and get on to your snowmobile for a short lesson on how to travel safety on your snowmobile. Once everyone is comfortable on their snowmobiles and ready for adventure, we’ll head out towards the reindeer herd.

    Enjoying an hour-long snowmobile adventure through the Arctic Tundra, you’ll experience the vastness of this unique landscape and then arrive into a whole new level of epic, as you suddenly find yourself among 3000+ grazing reindeer, deep in the snow-covered hills!


    Here you will receive the first part of your herding experience in the Arctic, while you’re immersed in this surreal situation and the many awe-striking photo opportunities available to you before departing to your basecamp for the evening.


    Once arrived you can relax, enjoy great food, explore the area, check out the igloo, and just take in the scenery that surrounds you here in your Arctic ‘home’ for the next 2 days. Another surreal photo opportunity awaits with the potential of nature’s night-show; The Aurora Borealis!

    Day 3

    Meals: Breakfast

    Wake up to a fresh Arctic morning and continue on a Snowmobile back to the reindeer herd for a brief visit, and last photo opportunity before returning to the Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk highway. Once arrived you will start your journey down the historic Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk highway to Tuk, one of the newest and most remote highways in the world!

    Your definition of ‘epic’ will expand again when you visit local sites of Tuktoyaktuk like the famed Canadian Pingo Landmark. During your tour of Pingo National Landmark, your guide will explain how these surreal geographical land formations were made, as well as how the local Inuvialuit who live with this land as part of their daily existence, used them for lookouts and ice freezers!

    In this truly incredible third day of your authentic experience at the frozen Arctic Ocean, your guide will share stories about traveling on the ice, the way of life for Arctic hunters, and how the Inuvialuit people have survived for generations in such an extreme environment. A second-time around on the highway will bring new sights, photo opportunities and continued tales of the North, as the group heads back to Inuvik!

    Day 4

    Meals: N/A

    This is your day to experience Inuvik, see the local landmarks, meet the locals, and buy souvenirs before you are shuttled from your hotel back to the airport for your departure back home. As you fly away from this remote Arctic region you will be overcome with memories and forever be changed by your experiences in this remote region of the world. You may be leaving the Arctic but these Arctic experiences will always be with you influencing aww-inspiring stories for family and friends for years to come.

  • Personal Products, Warm Clothes, Water Bottle, and a Camera, leave the rest to us!

  • This Package Includes:


    • A half-day reindeer visit
    • Town of Inuvik Tour
    • A full-day reindeer-herding experience
    • Full day Tuktoyaktuk Ice Road tour
    • Cultural demonstrations and display of Northern Games
    • Story-telling from the local Indigenous people
    • Local guides


    • One nights at basecamp lodge
    • Two nights at The Mackenzie Hotel
    • An overnight in an igloo or quincy (optional)


    • Traditional foods of the local Indigenous people
    • All meals while on your tours and while staying at the lodge.*
    • *Note the last night is at the Mackenzie Hotel where you may eat at the restaurant, and on the last half-day you will be responsible for your own meals.


    • Full winter gear including: Boots, fur hat, mitts, snow-pants, a parka and your snowmobile helmet.
    • Neck warmers and liner-gloves are also included.
    • Snowshoes


    • Airport shuttles
  • As most our costs are incurred long before the actual trip, rental or tour takes place, we are bound to the following cancellation fees:

    • 90 Days before tour start: Full refund
    • 90 – 61 days before tour start: 75% refund
    • 60 – 30 days before tour start: 50% refund
    • 30 or fewer days before tour start: No refund possible

    Exceptions to this cancellation policy cannot be made for any reason, including, terrorism, civil unrest or personal emergencies. If unforeseen circumstances require a change in itinerary, we will make every effort to work out an alternative solution. If for any reason we cannot start the tour, due to circumstances, including but not limited, to severe weather, mechanical breakdown or road closures, you will receive a full refund.

What Visitors Say

I did the winter tour with Tundra North during the Muskrat Jamboree in Inuvik. It was such a great time to see how the town all celebrated the arrival of spring with traditional drum and dance as well as a giant feast of traditional foods. We also drove up the ice road, a personal favorite of mine, and spent a day enjoying Tuktoyaktuk. And we were able to see the reindeer crossing. Kylik and his team of guides built igloos for us to stay in – it was really incredible to see them working so hard to provide this really unique experience. Sleeping in an igloo overnight was definitely a first for me! They consistently went one step beyond what they needed to in order to get us closer to the culture. We even took snow mobiles out to see the herd of reindeer – something few people ever get to do. I also really enjoyed all of the stories Gerry shared with us to give us a deeper understanding of the area, culture, and history. This truly is a special place and Tundra North’s love of the region showed in everything they did.


Sherry Ott – April 2017 | Canadian Arctic Reindeer Signature Package More Reviews

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